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Our Story

Kai Vida Means "Good Food For The Good Life!"

Being a HUGH foodie, when I was in college I quickly tired of the obligatory "Cup of Noodles."  I often dreamed of the aromatic and delicious meals being offered in the restaurants that dotted the streets off campus, which I couldn't afford to patronize very often as a college student.  So many days I dreamed of replacing those bland cup of noodles with some of those spine tingling meals that make me salivate by just thinking of them. So much so that I promised myself that one day I'd create a diverse food line that would allow everyone to indulge in those delicious flavors by just adding water.  Fast forward twenty years later and Viola!  Its Here!  Kai Vida Superfoods, Super Quick! Super Delicious! Super Healthy!  Super good food for the Good Life!

Real, Clean, Nutritious and  Delicious foods that can be READY TO EAT in under 10 minutes. Each Selection is inspired by traditional and/or international dishes I have indulged in and perfected after 20 years of research and development.  Best of all, You "Just Add Water" to experience the sensational flavors and convenience of our more than 31 selections.


Our handmade Single-Serve Meal Bowls and Family Size Kits are  crafted from premium, responsibly sourced, farm fresh ingredients, cooked and dried to perfection for natural preservation, and boasts a two (2) to three (3)-year shelf life. We’ve done all the work for you and created Real, Clean Food with No Artificial Preservatives; No antibiotics; No hormones; Non-GMO ingredients; Gluten Free (except optional breads); and use a majority of Organic Ingredients.  Best of all, you can take them and make them just about anywhere.


Our foods are Perfect Companions for Everyone --- including Busy Families, Singles, College students, Shelters, The Elderly, As An Emergency Food Source, and even professionals.  Best of All, every variety of Kai Vida Superfoods Complete Meals are convenient and Ready to Eat in under 15-minutes!  


GREAT NEWS!  We  now offer an Affiliate Program for the USDA Food and Nutrition Services that meets CNA Standards. Check it out at or click here

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