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SKU #  103 (3 Complete Kits, Makes 18 complete cupcakes!)

Refreshing, vitamin-packed lemons, buttermilk, and raw sugar combined with our signature flavor extracts, incredible spice combinations, handmade lemon glaze and candied lemon toppings are the hallmark features of this moist and delicious treat. "JUST ADD WATER" to this complete cake kit and in under 3 minutes in the microwave or 22 minutes using a conventional/toaster oven, you'll enjoy a little piece of heaven.

Each kit makes 6 cupcakes or 1 small (8") loaf cake. Upon Request, orders can be mixed with other kits including Chocolate Mandarin, Amazon Lemon Crunch, Vanilla Spice, Royal Red Velvet or Sweet Potato Cake.

Lemon Lush Cake Kit with Lemon Glaze, Brazil Nut Crunch & Candied Lemon Toppings

SKU: 103
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Lemon Lush Cake Kit
My Monthly Lemon Lush Cake Fix
$24.74every month until canceled
Lemon Lush Cake Kit
$24.62every week until canceled
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