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SKU #  304 (3 complete meals!)

 Inspired by the Afro-Indian Cooks of East Africa, this deliciously heartwarming dish is an aromatic farm to table feast.  We steam premium parts of the collard green leaves in our signature curry broth, add clean chicken breast meat, and accompany the dish with individual packages of fluffy jasmine rice and traditional flatbread.  Kai Vida Signature Hot Pepper Packs are available for those who like to pack a lot of heat in their curry (+.50/meal)! (Orders include 3 meal kits) [AVAILABLE IN BAGGED MEAL KITS ONLY]

Curried Collards with Chicken, Jasmine Rice and Flatbread Dippers

SKU: 304
2.53 Ounces
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Curry Collard Greens
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Curry Collard Greens
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