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SKU #  602 (A Complete Meal!)

Inspired by the sensuous aromas that ooze from East Indian kitchens worldwide, this aromatic vegetable dish is a tasty and nutritious farm to table feast in a bowl.  Brown & Pink Lentils and ground chicken are sauteed with our signature curry blend and complimented with crunchy fennel seeds and sweet currants to round out the delicate and well balanced flavor.  Each meal is anchored with a hearty portion of blended brown and wild rice, and optional Hot Pepper Packets (+.50/meal) so you can season as little or as much as you'd like.  All you have to do is "JUST ADD WATER" and Enjoy! (Orders include 3 meal kits)[AVAILABLE IN BAGGED MEAL KITS ONLY]

Curried Lentils with Chicken & Wild Rice

SKU: 602
3 Ounces
Price Options
One-time purchase
Curried Lentils
Monthly Curried Lentils
$19.79every month until canceled
Curried Lentils
Weekly Curried Lentils
$19.69every week until canceled
  • Custom orders accepted for 5 or more 3-packs.  Requests accepted for adding separate spice packs instead of seasoning in the cup ($1.50/3-pack); adding additional salsa packs ($1.50/3-pack); adding extra nacho chips ($2.25/3-pack); and adding hot pepper packets ($ 0.75/3-pack)

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