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SKU #  503 (A Complete Meal!)

This "Just Add Water" feast features delicately seasoned beef steak paired with hearty pearls of barley, carrots, crispy kale chips, and corn complimented by a package of our signature spice blend to personalize your experience.  We complete the sentillating experience with a bag of flatbread dippers to take this delicious meal over the top. (Orders include 3 meal bowls)

Savory Beef & Barley with Kale Chips & Flatbread Dippers

3 Ounces
Price Options
One-time purchase
Savory Beef & Barley
My Monthly Beef & Barley Fix
$21.49every month until canceled
Savory Beef & Barley
My Weekly Beef & Barley Fix
$20.99every week until canceled
  • Custom orders accepted for 5 or more 3-packs.  Requests accepted for adding separate spice packs instead of seasoning in the cup ($1.50/3-pack); adding additional salsa packs ($1.50/3-pack); adding extra nacho chips ($2.25/3-pack); and adding hot pepper packets ($ 0.75/3-pack)

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